Schools having to make up for days lost to weather, biodiesel fire next week after Memorial Day

Both city and county schools missed days this year, mostly due to weather, and will have to make them up next week.

The county schools had missed two days earlier due to weather and Assistant Principal Ron Scott said at the time, “We made one up Monday, on Presidents Day…The tentative date to make up the other is May 27.” As a result, county students will have a full day of classes Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day, but school officials have also scheduled a 60-percent day for Wednesday, May 28.

That’s the week following graduation and the day after Memorial Day.

The alternative would have been to use Good Friday as a make-up day “and we’re not going to do that,” Scott said then.

New Albany students will have two full days to make up: Tuesday, May 27, and Wednesday, May 28.

They also missed two days due to weather but missed a third because of the danger of toxic smoke from the biodiesel fire north of the high school in January.

One of the days was made up on Presidents Day, the same as the county schools.

City Superintendent Jackie Ford said school officials considered using Good Friday and the following day, Saturday, or part of spring break for make-up days but ultimately are using much the same plan as the county district.