Junta Club

Mary Jeannette Wynn served as hostess for Junta Club at El Agave on Tuesday, May 6.  Joyce Sumner was recognized as a guest and Jane Wiegartner was welcomed as a new member.

Members present were Sally Amos, Ninabeth Capaning, Bethany Dalton, Susan Feather, Retta Hardy, Ethel Holland, Myra Langley, Robin Lindsey, Jackie Littlejohn, Diane McGee, Jill Shaw, Sandra Sisk, Mary Jeannette Wynn and honorary member Caroline Cole.  Susan Feather, president, conducted the business session.

Bethany Dalton, vice-president, reviewed the book “Them Bones” by Mississippi author Carolyn Haines.  Haines is the author of 18 novels and this book is one of 14 books in the Sarah Booth Delaney mystery series.  The author was born and raised in Lucedale and is a photojournalist presently 1iving on a farm in Alabama.

Program leader Dalton shared that this book is silly, funny, and far–fetched.  The main character, Sarah, who lost her parents in a car accident when she was 12, was raised by an aunt who owned Dahlia Plantation in Sunflower County in the Mississippi Delta.  Sarah completed her education at the University of Mississippi in theater and lived and worked in New York for 10 years.  Unwed and unemployed, Sarah at age 33 returns to the Delta to spend one last Thanksgiving at the plantation before it is auctioned.  The “ghost” of her great grandmother’s nanny, Jitty, speaks to Sarah and tells her to make some plans and get busy.  Sarah continues the tradition of making fruitcakes for the holidays and visits with old friends from the town of Zinnia.  Sarah spends much of her time trying to save Dahlia Plantation.  She also works to solve the mystery of the deaths of members of the Hamilton Garrett family.  Sarah started Delaney Detective Agency and was able to solve her first case.

Program leader Dalton recommended this book and encouraged members present to read all 14 books in this mystery series.