Latham’s Hamburger Inn named Best Burger in the State by the Business Insider

Business Insider, an online publication with a monthly readership of over 20 million, has named Latham’s Hamburger Inn in New Albany as the Best Burger in Mississippi in an article celebrating “National Hamburger Month.” The article, titled “Best Burgers in the US,” has a list of burgers from each state…from Alabama to Wyoming. The best burger listed for Mississippi is Latham’s Hamburger Inn in New Albany. The description reads: “LATHAM’S Hamburger Inn in New Albany serves the Southern dough burger, a patty with flour mixed into the meat that is then fried on a cast-iron skillet for extra crunch.”

Wally Rakestraw, owner of Latham’s Hamburger Inn says, “We were surprised and delighted to see that we had made the list. I remember when the guy was in here. I noticed him taking pictures of not just the décor, but of other people’s food. I spoke to him and he said that he was doing this story…traveling through the country looking at out-of-the way places. He told me that he was driving through the area and asked around people told him to come here. I’m very happy that he did.”

The article was posted to Facebook on Wednesday and has already received 2.5 million views. Sean Johnson, New Albany’s director of marketing and tourism immediately posted it to the ILOVENA Facebook page where it has received over 200 “likes,” 126 shares and has reached over 17,000 people in the area.

“This is the best kind of publicity that we can have,” says Johnson. “To have over two million people read a positive story about New Albany having the best of something is a wonderful thing.”

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