Aldermen decide what to put on water tank, but not whether to close alley or change street name

New Albany aldermen officially voted Tuesday on what to put on the new elevated water tank near the post office. “It will have a Bulldog on the north side, Faulkner on the southwest side and New Albany on it,” Mayor Kent said.

The original contract simply called for a bulldog to be painted on the tank with the words, “New Albany Bulldogs” in honor of the high school nearby, but talk about the plan quickly led to public discussion and suggestions to honor writer William Faulkner or provide an illustration relating to or promoting Tanglefoot Trail. At least one suggestion, tongue-in-cheek or not, was to have artwork showing William Faulkner riding a bicycle and chased by a bulldog.

Kent said the painting probably will be done this month.

Still not settled is the fate of the alley that extends from Carter Avenue to Bankhead Street.

Alderman Olson reminded the board that the alley has been closed on a temporary basis for months and some decision needs to be made.

Mayor Kent said he has received more comments from people opposed to closing the alley than opening it. While the alley does offer some convenience, the mayor said it is also a safety hazard in which pedestrians on the sidewalk cannot see cars coming, drivers cannot see those on the sidewalk, and turning across the street into traffic can present problems. The mayor said he would look into the cost of a large aluminum mirror such as those to prevent shoplifting in stores, which might solve the visibility problem, but added he plans for the board to make a decision at the next meeting.

Later, Mayor Kent brought up the possible need to change the name of a city street near the museum.

Now, the street that is also Hwy. 30 East is named Highland Drive from the city limits into town, to the triangle by the railroad and old shirt factory. If one continues straight ahead, beside the railroad to the turn behind the museum and on to Cleveland Street, the street is still Highland Drive.

But if one continues across the railroad instead, by the old shirt factory, which is the obvious way to go, the street becomes Highland Street instead of drive, all the way to Railroad Avenue by City Hall.

One suggestion was to rename the section from the shirt factory to behind the museum and around the turn to Cleveland Street something like Faulkner Way, to tie in with the museum. That would require formal address changes for only four houses.

No action was taken, other than aldermen asked to think about this.