Farmers’ Market opens for summer

Union County Master Gardeners President Patrick James said he was pleased with the turn-out for Saturday’s low-key opening of the Biscuits and Jam Farmers’ Market.

The opening was not promoted as heavily because it is still too early in the growing season for much produce to be ready. One vendor estimated a much larger variety will be available in a couple of weeks.

Nonetheless, the market benefitted from good weather and experienced a fairly steady stream of visitors. Some greens were available along with a variety of plants and canned goods. Also for sale were hand-crafted decorative items and locally-made herbal and other organic soaps, lotions and even bug repellent.

Biscuits and jam were offered to those who arrived earlier and musical entertainment in the background supported the social atmosphere of the event.

The Biscuits and Jam Farmers’ Market is scheduled for each Saturday from 7 to 11 a.m. where Main Street meets Bankhead at the Tallahatchie River. On each second Saturday of the month, added folk art programs supplement activities.


farmers 2

Linda Carson from Blue Mountain holds her “infant,” Norma Faye Carson. Norma Faye is six weeks old, half Vietnamese and half Chinese and slept through much of the market.


farmers 3

This year’s market is being run by the Union County Master Gardeners. Gardeners President Patrick James, right, and wife and former president Lisa, center, talk with Annette Sullivan.


farmers 4

Paul Tate provided some of the musical entertainment.


farmers 5

Kelly Coltharp displays some fresh produce to customers.


farmers 6

Visitors were offered biscuits and jam as they entered the market area.


farmers 7

Melisa Mink, right, talks with Sherra Owen about different uses for locally-grown plants and herbs. On the table are some of the homemade herbal products Mink creates at her farm in the Bethlehem community. Owen, a former teacher, is also a recognized expert on the medical and other uses of area vegetation.