A sense of relief

The Republican primary is finally over, and for many Mississippians it brings a sense of relief.

Relief from the bitter and often unpleasant political commercials that inundated our airwaves, mostly paid for by groups from who knows where with innocuous names, but not innocuous agendas.

But also, for many of us, relief in knowing that whoever wins the U.S. Senate seat in November, that Mississippi will continue to be represented by a calm, reasoned voice more interested in securing the federal money our state relies on to prosper and less interested in 20-second self-serving network TV sound bites.

Both Republican Sen. Thad Cochran, who survived an unprecedented attack from members of his own party in the primary, and Democrat Travis Childers, who at one time represented this congressional district in the House, are those kind of people.

Both are conservative, as are the majority of Mississippians, but both know the importance of civility, of being able to work with colleagues with all sorts of views in the Congress for the good of the country and the state.

Government is not unlike a business, a church or a social group. Those individuals who do their share of the work and get along with their colleagues are the ones who do well and are respected in the end. The others fade away.