City school board approves list of fundraisers for coming year

Among other agenda items this past Thursday, New Albany school trustees approved a list of proposed fundraising activities for the year.

A half century ago, the number of such activities could almost be counted on one hand, but school funding cutbacks in the face of increased costs, larger classes and more extra-curricular activities have led to more and more efforts by booster organizations to raise money.

In fact, some merchants and others in the community who find themselves repeatedly asked for school activities support have actually had to put such donations in their budgeting process each year.

Below, as an aid to help parents and others plan for the school year, is the list as approved. Some are recent additions while other annual events were first approved as early as five years ago.



Football Boston Butts, Spirit Decals (2010)



NAES Gift Wrap, PTO

Bully-Q, Cheerleaders

High School Dawg House, Football Boosters

High School Football Program, Boosters

Middle School Football Program, Boosters

Message Board, Boosters

Band operates the concession stand for varsity and JV Football Games

Middle School operates its own concession stands

H.S. Art Class Hand Print Quilt Year Long

Football Boosters – Field Sponsorship (Approved 8/09)

Football Boosters – Barbeque Before a Game (8/09)

Football Boosters – Tunnel Sponsorship (8/09)

Football Boosters – In Dog House Yard Signs/Flags (2011)

Football Boosters – Chances on Gaming Table (2011)

Yearbook Staff – 4 times a Year-Lunch for Faculty (8/09)

NAHS Football- Reserve Seating $100.00 plus tickets (9/09)

NAMS -Tumblers

NAES SPED – Temporary Tattoos

NAHS Cheer – Little Cheer Clinic



Elementary school-wide fundraiser for the American Lung Association

Elementary DDClass Booster Bracelets, Temporary Tattoos

NAHS Athletics Spaghetti Supper (9/09)

Cross Country Shirt and Runner Tag Sponsorships (9/09)

Speech and Debate Krispy Kreme Donuts (9/09)

NAMS Cheerleaders, Temporary Tattoos (9/09)

Student Council – Memorial and Honor Bricks $60.00, Stand at football games for T-shirts, face painting, stickers, buttons, and wrist bands. (9/09)

NAHS Football Boosters – Kids Night Out (2011)

Chorus – Magazine Subscriptions (9/09)



Middle School Cookie Dough or school sponsored Fundraiser

Student Council – NAMS Beauty Review

Band Pre-Game Dinner/Band Fish Supper

Basketball Boosters operate concessions at Basketball game

Basketball Boosters – Supper Tickets before Meet the Bulldogs (2011)

Basketball Boosters – Sell Merchandise before home games (2011)

NAMS Gifted Pottery Sales

Basketball sells gym signs

Tennis – Tennis Clinic

NAHS Athletics -Online Merchandise Store (2011)

NAHS Athletics -License Plates sold through Tax Assessor Office (2011)



Career and Tech – Turkey and Fruit sales

Career and Tech – Sell Meat Sticks (2011)

NAMS Cheese Sales

Band sells Cheese

Baseball- Biggest Deer

NAES PTO – Christmas Bazaar (2011)



Life Skills Christmas Buttons

HS Sp Ed Santa Pictures



Kiwanis Hotbed Classic

Pancake Breakfast-Softball



NAES PTO – Computers for Education

Journalism Class – High School Beauty Review

Frog-A-Nanny Activities (2011)

Band – Donut Sales

Special Services 5K Run After Frog-A-Nanny (2010)

NAHS Tennis – Adult/HS Player Challenge (2012)



Frog-A-Nanny -Tumblers



Relay for Life

H. S. Cheer Parents Night Out

NAMS Cheer runs Track Meet Concessions

NAMS Jewelry Sales

Frog-A-Nanny – Frog Painting Classes


Other (sponsored by various groups throughout the year)

Selling Ads

Discount Cards/Coupon Books

Spirit Sales

Yard Sale -Off Campus

Raffle Tickets


Bake Sales

Car Wash

School Play Fundraisers

Event DVDs

Seasonal T -Shirts/Sweat Shirt Sales

Basketball Signs Gym


NOTE: Fund-raiser requests are accepted during the months of July, August, September, January and March. Any exception to this decision would require the sponsor of the fund-raiser to appear before the Board with a request.