Police solve trailer theft

New Albany police have solved the theft of a semi-trailer valued at about $18,000, crediting both hard work and good luck in the case.

Officers were called to The Kangaroo Express at 505 State Hwy. 15 South about 5:30 p.m. on May 21 where Tim Cook reported that his 53-foot white Vanguard trailer had been stolen.

Chief Chris Robertson said Cook told them he was in the process of swapping the empty trailer for one filled with furniture and that’s why it had been left parked there.

Officers looked at the store security video and talked with witnesses, learning that a tall black male had hooked up to the trailer and driven away. “We got a pretty good description from the video,” Robertson said.

That’s when luck may have helped. The officers also found out that the suspect had already been in the store, acting strangely enough for other officers to have talked with him. “He was acting strange, said his truck was out of fuel and that his fuel card wouldn’t work,” Robertson said. “He ended up giving the clerk $50 cash, which for a truck that size is nothing.” One of the officers got his identification information at the time but did not know a trailer had been stolen then.

Later, investigator Chad Glasson was able to get the video image enhanced and when they posted it learned that the suspect, was Boris Grimes, 33, of 2006 Hill St., Marx. He was listed as being on probation in Virginia on a charge of grand larceny.

Grimes had been driving a white Freightliner and had apparently picked up a load in the Memphis are, dropped it and picked up another before eventually abandoning the trailer in Memphis. “He is wanted in Virginia and several other places,” Robertson said. “Since we got his DL information, the Mississippi Department of Corrections picked him up in the Delta.”

The trailer was recovered unharmed and Grimes is being held without bond, waiting to be picked up by Virginia officials.

“Over the past year we have had several trailers stolen – one with a half million dollars in tires,” Glasson said. “This may all tie in.”

“We got a guy who has been doing this off the street and the trailer was recovered undamaged for the owner,” Robertson said.