Burglars steal cash from Mexican restaurant

Police are investigating a burglary early Sunday at Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant #2 at 180 Park Plaza Drive.

Chief Chris Robertson said a cleaning crew was working in the restaurant about 6:30 a.m. and noticed the office door was broken open. They called owner Jorge Huerta, who called police.

“Officers found the office door busted open, the safe forced open and an undetermined amount of cash taken,” Robertson said.

The cleaning crew apparently did not notice any exterior doors broken but the chief said they did find some tool marks on one of the doors.

Robertson said the break-in apparently occurred between midnight and 6:30 a.m. Sunday. Although there is some traffic in the area at night, a thick fog blanketed the area that night, he said.

Police are pulling the surveillance videos from the entire area to see if they can spot anything but as of Monday, the chief said they had no suspects.

Robertson added that he understands a similar break-in occurred at one of the Mi Pueblo restaurants in Pontotoc this past week but he does not have all the details and it is still unclear whether there may be a connection.

“Our investigators are working on it (the New Albany burglary now,” Robertson said.