Work progressing on biodiesel plant



Motorists traveling along Hwy. 15 North may have noticed that JNS Biodiesel, destroyed in a dramatic fire and series of explosions in January, is apparently being rebuilt bigger and better. The first explosion and fire, believed to have been caused by a faulty oil heater, could be seen from as far away as Tupelo and the shock also felt miles away. The only remaining part of the original facility is the section at far right: tanks containing methanol and sodium methylate used in converting the chicken fat or other material to biodiesel fuel. The new facility is also apparently going to be enclosed or at least covered, judging from work still going on at the site. JNS Biofuels owner Steve Bolin said after the incident that he intended to rebuild the plant even though his insurance would cover only the cleanup.The estimated damage to property and contents was $3.5 million.