County school board qualifying period starts today

Wednesday, Aug. 6, begins the 30-day period during which candidates may qualify to run for the Fifth County School District seat on the board of trustees.

Qualifying ends at 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 5.

The race will be on the Nov. 5 general election ballot, along with candidates for the U. S. Senate, House of Representatives and circuit and chancery court judges.

County school board members are all elected but serve staggered terms so they are voted on during different years.

The incumbent Fifth District trustee is Wayne Mahon.

Candidates for the school board must be resident and qualified elector in the school district for which he or she is running, have at least a high school education and, upon election, complete initial training and continuing education throughout the term of office. Also, a trustee’s spouse cannot be employed with the school district and he or she cannot do business with the district.

Anyone who wants to run for the trustee’s position need to submit a statement of intent and petition signed by not less than 50 qualified electors in that school district (or at least 20 percent of the district’s qualified electors if the district has fewer than 100 total). The petition will need to be filed with the county election commission and circuit clerk’s office, where the petition signatures must be certified.

A county school trustee receives no state benefit or salary but the law does provide for a per diem expense payment for up to 36 meetings a year.

Only those residing in a county school district are allowed to vote on that district’s trustee; other residents in the county cannot. Because of population changes about two dozen years ago, the county school district boundaries were redrawn and are not the same as county supervisors’ district lines (although they are mostly similar).

Other county school trustees include Terry Cook, First District; Mickey Basil, Second District; Mike Browning, Third District; and Daphnia McMillen, Fourth District.