Keep “Feet” on tour

One of the highlights of the walking tour of historic downtown New Albany is the “Famous Feet” mural on Highland Street.

The mural, which was created some years ago by art students supervised by New Albany High School art teacher Lee Ann Thompson, depicts the feet of famous Mississippians.

Visitors can try their luck at naming the famous Mississippians just by looking at their feet. It’s a novel idea that was transformed into something that many enjoy.

That said, we don’t understand what is going on with the New Albany City Beautification Committee. Somehow at least some members of the committee have gotten the idea that the mural should be painted over and replaced with something else.

We think that is a bad idea. Perhaps the mural needs some restoration work and maybe even an answer key on a marker somewhere near the mural. But painting over it is out of the question, in our opinion.

We suggest the committee meet with Ms. Thompson at her convenience to get some insight into what restoration work may be needed, if any, what it would cost the city, and whether she would have time to supervise it. Perhaps, she could recommend some of her students to help.

This should have been the first step. The mural should be kept; only changes or restoration work recommended by Ms. Thompson should be made.

What the committee has done so far is insulting to the folks who gave of their time and talent to create a novel element of our downtown walking tour.