Great, another anniversary

Wayne MitchellWork anniversaries are sort of a big deal to me. Every year when it gets close to the anniversary of my employment, I hint to Jenny that I assume she’s planning a party or inviting some friends to join us at a restaurant for dinner.

I even razz her about doing a good job of planning it as a surprise because I haven’t heard anything about it. She just rolls her eyes and tells me work anniversaries are no big deal.

I have been been thinking a lot about anniversaries lately. No, it’s not my work anniversary. That’s in May. Five of them have come and gone almost unnoticed by anyone except me.

This is the 125th anniversary year of the founding of the New Albany Gazette. It was 1889 when the first issue of the Gazette was published and its founding editor, L.W. Dalton, predicted in an editorial in that first issue that the Gazette was here to stay.

He turned out to be right about the newspaper, but not about himself. He gave it up after a few months and the Gazette has had so many owners and publishers since that no one has really kept a good count.

Even though owners and publishers have come and gone, the Gazette has kept on publishing. In fact, the Gazette has never missed an issue, despite two crippling fires and a flash flood.

To me, that’s a big deal. So to observe it, we’re going to publish a 125th Anniversary Commemorative Special Edition Sept. 26.

What makes it special? Well, it’s going to be big, 80 pages or so in 10 sections. In addition to the regular news and sports sections, we are planning eight more. One will detail the history of the Gazette. Others will be on the topics of New Albany, Union County, Education, Business and Industry, Health, Living, and Leisure.

Our news staff is busy researching and writing a number of stories on those topics. And our advertising staff has special reduced rates for the edition to encourage wide participation.

We’ve also enlisted community partners to help with sponsoring the sections. They include the City of New Albany, Union County, the New Albany Schools, the Union County Schools, BNA Bank, the Union County Development Association, Five Star Realty, and Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County. We appreciate their help.

Another part of the special edition will feature something called “A Place in History.” It’s a series of chronological blocks listed in date order of when various events happened and businesses were founded in Union County. Any business or service can be represented in the blocks for a nominal charge. I encourage you to take part.

This is the kind of special edition that many of you will want to keep. You may even want to order extra copies for your family or relatives or friends. You may pre-order extras by calling the Gazette. We will even add a packaging and shipping charge and send them for you if you would like.

We think we’ve got everything planned for the special edition. Well, except for the party. Jenny’s probably planning that as a surprise.

Or not.

T. Wayne Mitchell, Gazette publisher, can be reached at 662-534-6321.

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