Move fast on pool

After dawdling for months, the New Albany Board of Aldermen finally agreed Tuesday to do a feasibility study for a public swimming pool.

The board included $10,000 in the city budget a year ago to help pay for a study of the needs and possible solutions to provide a public place for our community to swim.

Tallahatchie Aquatics, which includes the Tallahatchie Tidal Wave swim team, raised $4,000 to contribute to the cost but the topic then languished.

Interest in competitive swimming is growing in our area and Ingomar now has its own swim team. We expect other schools will follow in due time.

Tallahatchie Aquatics has been using the Baptist Healthplex indoor swimming facility for team practices and to conduct some other swimming programs, including lessons.

We have said before that we do not think it is Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County’s responsibility to provide the community with a place to train our young people to swim or to compete. But we would hope the hospital will continue its role until the city can get a feasibility study done and a facility built to meet the rapidly growing need for a pool.

A community swimming pool is an expected part of community services, just like parks and sports facilities, when families are looking for a place to relocate. We support making swimming instruction available to all children as Tupelo now does. We hope the New Albany and Union County schools will support this pool project.

There is strong community support for a swimming facility. We need to put this project on the fast track.