Attacks on education

The calendar hasn’t even turned to the election year yet, but political demagoguery already is out of control in Mississippi.

Gov. Phil Bryant, apparently wary of a possible primary election challenger from the Tea Party, has embarked on a pattern of attacks about efforts to raise education standards, attacks that are a disservice to our children and our state.

In his latest remarks the governor insulted State Superintendent of Education Carey Wright by saying she is not in charge of public education in Mississippi.

That, of course, is not true. Mississippians had the good sense to amend the state constitution in 1982 to create a state Board of Education that sets policies for schools and hires the state superintendent. The board and its superintendent are in charge of public education.

That has the effect of providing some insulation for our educators and our children from the periodic political diatribes from our state-wide elected officials and legislators.

And it’s a good thing given the already poisonous atmosphere created by the governor and Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves in undermining public education and the public-spirited citizens on the state board of education.

The board of education has implemented Common Core, a program developed by the National Governors Conference and top state education officials to improve the education skills of our students. It is not a federal program.

It’s time for the Parents for Public Schools group and all Mississippians to get after our elected officials for a pattern of misinformation and demagoguery that is hurting our state and our children.

  • Ian Somer

    There are tons of attacks on education, but are they fair? What is education and who exactly are we trying to blame? Interesting question, isn’t it? It’s not like there is one guy who decided everything starting from janitor’s qualifications in the school and ending with whether students should write essays during their SAT’s (one more thing I can’t understand. How could they forbid essays, when wherever you go, writing is highly important. Any best website to order essay will tell you that.

  • Karti

    I recently saw a post that went ‘Seeking for the writing agency that perfectly understands you?’ What we need isnt such endorsements, but a strong basic platform and i urge that platform be our schools. We need to nurture the skills of our children from the very basics for sustained results.