When did a phone quit being a phone

By Lisa Bryant

General Manager

Do you remember when a phone was something you talked on??

I know this is going to date me and really show my age, but my, we have come a long way.

I can remember when having a phone in our home was just one phone that the entire family shared. It was plugged into the wall and we had a long cord so we could stretch it into our bedroom to have private conversations with our friends.

Then came along car phones. The were big and we had antennas on the outside of our cars to pick up a signal, then came along bag phones that plugged into the cigarette lighter, big and clunky but they could move from one vehicle to the other. It was truly a mobile phone.

Next came along the cell phone. They again, were big, heavy with a pull out antenna to pick up the signal.

The cell phones got smaller and smaller and it was not such a long time ago when text messages began.

I could not understand why you would not just call someone rather than text them.

Then you could snap a picture using your phone. I was thinking why on earth would you want a little picture on your phone when we have great cameras that shoot film and you can develop the film and print pictures you could hold, frame or put in a photo album.

Next we got email and apps and games and GPS and music and weather and Facebook, and ….

I just upgraded to a new phone and have been reading over the weekend all the new features of my new phone and feel remarkably old to realize how far technology has come and how much technology is in this hand held devise that is so much more than a phone.

I realized that the least use of my cell phone is actually talking on it.

When did a phone quit being a phone?