‘Beauty and the Beast’ coming to NAHS stage

New Albany High School will be presenting its annual school musical Feb. 10-12.  This year’s musical is “Beauty and the Beast.”

The familiar Disney tale is the story of a beautiful, intelligent young woman who resolves to rescue her father who is imprisoned in a castle held by the Beast. The Beast was once human until falling under a spell and can only return to human form if he learns to love and be loved. The play is populated by a large cast of enchanted characters and everyone waits to see if the spell will be lifted before the Beast is condemned to that form forever.

The music is by Alan Menken, lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice and book by Linda Woolverton.

Performances will be at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 10, and Saturday, Feb. 11, with a matinee at 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 12. Tickets are $10 for reserved seats and $8 for general admission. This is a change from information published this past week.

Below is the cast list as well as behind-the-screnes crew.

Full Cast List

Belle – Alli Hodges, Beast – Sam Hickey, Gaston – David Sizemore, Lumiere – Ishmon Foster, Cogsworth – R.J. Rutherford, Mrs. Potts – Stacey Hernandez, Madame Grande Bouche – Karina Graham, Chip – Taylor Willis, Maurice – Jacob McGregor, Lefou – Jonathan Tucker, Babette – Mary Day, Monsieur D’Arque – Joseph Rutherford

Silly Girl 1 – Lauren Paige Hamilton, Silly Girl 2 – Becca Childers, Silly Girl 3 – Josi Hill, The Prince – John Wright Welborn, Enchantress – Caroline Truemper, Bookseller – Hayes Richey, Baker – Marcus Jones, Aristocratic Lady – Audrey Littlejohn

Villager – Eli Jackson, Villager’s Wife – Chloe Lang, Hat Seller – Willie Ball, Hat Seller’s Wife – Kennedy Rogers, Lady with Baby – Anna Austin, Flower Selling Girl – Erin Robbins, Gardener – Pierre Lenoir, Gardner’s Wife – Takeya Dean, Candle Man – Chris Hatch

Fish Monger – Drew Darling, Shepherd – Brady Dean, Shepherd’s Wife – Abby McMillen, Egg Man – Aaron Estes, Milk Maid – Anna Bullock, Goatherd – Tucker Shannon, Young Woman – Ivy Jordan, Cheese Monger – Kysten Fiddis

Gaston’s Cronies

Head Crony – Eli Jackson, Drew Welborn, Kysten Fiddis, Luke Conlee, Sam Cagle, John McGregor Davis

Gaston’s Tavern Girls

Victoria Brown, Chloe Lang, Olivia Thompson, Katelin Denham, Sarah Kathryn Harris

Gaston’s Tavern Patrons

Joseph Rainey, Marcus Jones, Aaron Estes, Pierre Lenoir, Hayden Anderson, Chris Hatch

Wolf Chase Lyrical

Maggie Jo Everett, Avery Robbins, Mary Spencer Little, Maggie Moore, Cecelia Pullman, Heaven Freeman, Molly Scott, Ruth Montgomery

Castle Chase Townspeople

Haley Holston, Taylor Hall, Elizabeth Whitehead, Anna Walls, Valencia Jones

Castle Guard Gargoyles

Hakeem Williams, Keavious Blackmon

“Be Our Guest” Dancers

Babbette’s Feather Duster Tango

Ivy Jordan, Erin Robbins

Salt and Pepper Ballet

Hannah Holt, Lindsey Delashmit

Napkin Can-can Kick line

Caroline Truemper, Hannah Harris, Meredith Prescott, Kylie Harrison, Audrey Littlejohn, Kennedy Rogers

Mrs. Potts’ Crystal Kick line

Adalyn Aldridge, Sarah Gaines, Carly Hill, Rachel Rainey, Racheal McCullough, Carley Jumper, Isabelle Campbell, Anna Bullock

Lumiere’s Dancing Hostesses

Anna Austin, Natalie Pullman, Cheri Lankin, Abby McMillen, Lakin Ivey, Haley Bullock, Anna Margaret Hill, Meghan Hamblin

Lumiere’s Cutlery Line

Willie Ball, Joshua Montgomery, Casey Garrett, Hayes Richey, Drew Darling, Brady Dean

Production Staff

Directors  – Sylvia Nanney and Phil Nanney; Assistant Director/Choreographer  – Mary Beth Muncie; Assistants – J J Curry, Phillip Nanney, Tarver Reeder; Rehearsal Pianist – Dr. Ray Harris, Lucy Gray; Pit Choir Rehearsal Director – Mark Mathis; Art Design – LeeAnn Thompson/Art Classes, Mary Beth Muncie / Drama Classes; Program – Tarver Reeder; Lights and Sound – Hollis Brown, Brooke Dillard, David McMillen, Phil Nanney, Phillip Nanney, Daniel Ford; Backstage  – Jim Muncie, Carey Crain, Will Curry, David Hopple, Phillip Nanney; Set Construction – Phil Nanney, Phillip Nanney, Jim Muncie, Mary Beth Muncie, David Hopple, Rick Robbins/Building Trade Classes

“Beauty and the Beast” is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International.