City election picks up candidates

Each of New Albany’s seven elective offices now has at least one candidate with the addition of a couple of new challengers to the races.

Qualifying since last week are Keith Conlee, running as a Republican for Alderman-at-Large, Kevin Dale White seeking to retain his seat as Ward Three alderman in the Democratic race and newcomer Amy Livingston, running as a Republican for the Ward One Alderman’s post.

So far, Chief of Police Chris Robertson is unopposed but three-term Mayor Tim Kent has drawn a challenger in the form of Jeff Olson, who has been serving as Ward One Alderman.

That leaves the Ward One race open with Livingston and Scott Dunnam, who has been serving as Alderman-at-Large running for it.

Ward Two Alderman Johnny Anderson remained unopposed for re-election as of Monday, and that was also the case for Ward Three Alderman Kevin Dale White and Ward Four Alderman Will Tucker.

Neither Myrtle nor Blue Springs had any qualifiers as of Monday according to town clerks Marie White and Jan Musgrove, respectively.

But each said some petitions had been picked up by both incumbents and challengers.

In Myrtle, five-term Mayor Joe Rials announced this past week that he will not seek re-election but Blue Springs mayor Rita Gentry is expected to run.

The deadline to qualify for office is 5 p.m. March 3 for both party and independent candidates.

The party primaries will be held May 2 to determine party nominees for the June 6 general election.

If no candidate in a primary race receives more than 50 percent of the vote the top two will face each other in a runoff May 16.

As it stands in New Albany now, the mayor’s and Ward One alderman’s races will definitely not be settled until June 6 but winners of the other races will effectively be determine May 2 unless other candidates enter the races.

If none of the candidates on the June 6 general election are opposed, that election may be dispensed with and those candidates declared winners following the primaries.

The new term of office for winning candidates will be July 3

Any registered voter in the city or respective ward may be a candidate in a party primary by filing a letter of intent and paying a $10 fee to the executive committee.

A candidate who wants to run as an independent must file a petition with 50 signatures of qualified registered voters.

New Albany candidates


Tim Kent (I) Democrat

Jeff Olson Republican


Chief Police

Chris Robertson (I) Democrat


Keith Conlee Republican

Ward 1

Scott Dumman Democrat

Amy Livingston Republican

Ward 2

Johnny Anderson (I) Democrat

Ward 3

Kevin Dale White (I) Democrat

Ward 4

Will Tucker (I) Republican

(I) means the candidate is an incumbent in that office.