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Faulkner writing contest raises community’s reputation

Oxford may have the edge on New Albany in things Faulkner. After all, the writer did live there and write there longer. But a group of community citizens interested in preserving his connection to Union County and promoting the culture and heritage he wrote about have quietly been making inroads toward the university area’s dominance. […]

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We need support for new city buildings

New Albany residents no doubt appreciate the fact that their city property taxes will not be going up this year. That’s not much of a surprise, if for no other reason than that most elected officials tend to try to avoid raising taxes the year before an election. Still, we should appreciate the fact that […]

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We don’t need to forget Sept. 11

It’s been 15 years since the massive terror attack on our native soil. Images from Sept. 11, 2001 are seared into most people’s memory, as fresh today as they were when it happened. All this week some of those images have been called back up on TV as various programs commemorate the incidents and those […]

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Tax-free days may not be such a bargain

For the past three years, Mississippi has held a so-called tax-free weekend before school starts. Purchasers are exempted from having to pay the seven-percent sales tax on certain items, and the legislature also added a separate weekend exempting sales tax on some weapons and accessories. After doing a less-than-stellar job with the state budget and […]

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A day to appreciate the average worker

We take our holidays for granted. For most of us, a holiday means not having to go in to work and being able to indulge in whichever recreational activities we choose. That’s not a bad thing in itself, but while enjoying that day of leisure we rarely think about the reason for the holiday. Some […]

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City should take critical look at organizational structure

Final work is nearing on city and county budgets, and that makes this a good time to re-evaluate the various departments and organizations the city helps fund. The tendency seems to have been just to “do what we did last year” in allocating money for the most part, which is natural. But aldermen need to […]

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Tanglefoot Trail good, but needs more signs

The Tanglefoot Trail has proved to be of more value to our community than almost anyone imagined. Even now, people are just starting to realize we have barely dipped into its potential and are beginning, finally, to develop projects that enhance it. The county library, along with city and county officials are working – albeit […]

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Help local businesses aid Louisiana flood victims

We learned just before our press deadline that two local businesses, Roberts Trucking (owned byBlake and Alyson Roberts) and Rutledge and Davis Law Firm, both of New Albany, are sponsoring a tractor-trailer to take donated supplies to Louisiana, where about 40,000 families have been made homeless. Union Countians have always been good about sharing, whether […]

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Editorial vs. opinion and anonymous vs. concerned

Every once in a while it’s good to remind people about the different types of material that appear on a newspaper’s editorial page. The distinctions may appear minor and even a bit confusing to some but they are quite significant. Typically, one will find editorials, personal opinion or other personal columns, and letters to the […]

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RiverFest was just fine the way it was for years

The Tallahatchie RiverFest has been New Albany and Union County’s benchmark festival event for many years now. It has presented an eclectic assortment of programs and events, and built an audience that had seemed elusive for the first several years. In the past, it has showcased local and other artists and organizers have had a […]

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