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We still need help to Share at Christmas

Volunteers are again putting together the Gazette’s “Sharing at Christmas” program that provides food and toys, when appropriate, for needy Union County families each year. But with barely two weeks left, we have reached only slightly over one-third of our fundraising goal of $15,000. Each year for more than 40 years Sharing at Christmas has […]

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City officials: Do what you can now…but plan for the future

Now that work is under way on the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store off Coulter Cove, city officials are beginning to attack the potential problem of added traffic on Coulter Drive once the restaurant is open. That traffic flow will also be increased some with the opening of Dr. Kevin Rowan’s large dental office at […]

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Don’t become a victim of fake internet news

Fake news. More and more people are being gulled by it, lately including broadcast networks. Some TV folks have had to apologize for passing on fabricated stories, some have failed to apologize, and in most cases, regardless, people still may believe the lies until they are proven wrong, usually at some cost to their credibility […]

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Cracker Barrel is good news in several ways

There had been no company announcement Monday but city officials said a construction permit was issued that day for construction of a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store here, and site preparation had begun by the end of the day. There has been speculation and anticipation for a year since it was learned, amid a flurry […]

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Vote – even if it hurts

We can’t say it with enthusiasm, but we can say it with sincerity. Go vote next Tuesday. We suspect many citizens would simply prefer to stay home, and we fail to understand how anyone could be enthusiastic about either of the two major candidates. Each is hated by approximately half the country, and that is […]

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No rigged election here

There’s been a lot of talk lately about “rigged” elections. Perhaps it’s possible, but we don’t think it can happen here. Although we use electronic voting machines, they are not connected to the internet and some hacker could only affect their results by connecting directly to them. There also used to be jokes about the […]

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A divided country cannot thrive

What has happened to our country? Civility, tolerance and any sense of cooperation seem to have vanished from our congressional body, and even to a degree in our state government. In what is likely the most disturbing and disagreeable presidential campaign in history, people are less concerned about electing a good, moral, qualified leader than […]

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We plan to be more involved

By this time next week The New Albany Gazette will have moved to its new, permanent location. We will be at 130 W. Bankhead St. in the former Hamilton Hardware building, now a part of Hamilton Place, next to Cooper Park. The move away from Carter Avenue, where the newspaper had been for 40 years […]

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If we were running…

Municipal elections are coming up next year and potential candidates are no doubt trying to decide whether to qualify for one of the races in January. We’re not running, but if we were, there are several issues that would likely be planks in our campaign platform. • Parking – One would be to make tackling […]

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Thanks to those investing in our future

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Wednesday for the recently renovated Barnes Crossing Chevrolet dealership on Carter Avenue. Owner Joe Marshall has poured a tremendous amount of money into the project, saying he believes in the future of New Albany. He is not alone. Baptist Memorial Hospital, BNA Bank, Emerald Furniture, Mike Bailey of Pear Tree LLC […]

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