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The playhouse

By Camille Anding Every member of the family went to bed on Christmas Eve with anticipation of the morning and what might be under the tree. No one had to be forced. The room suddenly turned bright with a radiant glow, and beautifully wrapped presents were under a snow-white tree that glittered in lights. I […]

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Here is our agenda for the coming year

It is customary as the year begins to state some of the goals we wish to see accomplished in the coming 12 months. Few are easy or inexpensive, but one has to spend to nourish a successful community and we believe all of these are worth doing. Indeed, several goals listed in previous years have […]

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Now is time to set challenging goals for the year

By Lisa Bryant General manager Now that Christmas is behind us and 2016 is drawing to an end, most of us begin to reflect on the year and what we accomplished and what events happened in our lives. In the past I have been very critical of myself on my accomplishments of the past year. […]

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Find time to focus on true meaning of Christmas

By Lisa Bryant General Manager In the paper today, you will find numerous letters to Santa from our area children. I hope you take the time to read some of these, even if you do not know any of these children. Reading these letters will put you in the Christmas Spirit and it will warm […]

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Community meal shows true Christmas spirit

It was a case where there were – literally – too many people to thank. Sen. Roger Wicker, who volunteered help, expressed amazement, saying, “This is the real spirit of Christmas: the community coming together, friends helping friends.” The event was the community holiday meal provided at the Middle School Cafeteria Saturday. Perhaps 100 volunteers […]

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Letter: Building codes: what’s the purpose and importance?

Such a common question, such a common concern, such a common topic of sometimes-heated discussions.  Let me sum it all up with one statement: “OAKLAND CALIFORNIA,” WHAT IF!  I am sure by now most of us have had the unfortunate opportunity to see and hear about the warehouse fire that took the lives of 36 […]

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The Playhouse

By Camille Anding Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town, people were sleeping all peaceful and sound. A stranger was walking in the cold winter’s night, passing by homes all covered in lights. Trees softly glowed through windows and doors; and bright colored packages spilled over the floors. Children were dreaming of […]

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Civic center can grow with new director

It was announced Monday that a director for the Magnolia Civic Center has been hired. This is a welcome move. The facility has been proving its worth for a long time, but had reached a plateau in its growth because there was no dedicated management or development. The New Albany Main Street Association had been […]

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Making memories is priceless endeavor

By Lisa Bryant General Manager Over the weekend I had a moment that hit me as something special. It may seem trivial to most, but it was one of those moments that made my heart swell. My son and grandson came over to the house to check the game camera that had been set up […]

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Don’t cross that line

New Albany is the birthplace of William Faulkner, the home of an outstanding museum, sportsplex and park system and even ground zero for the renowned Latham Burger. But what are we best known for? “Oh, that’s the little town where they park in the middle of the street.” We have heard of people from as […]

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