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The return of Pac-Man

I went back to school last week. The smell of fresh wax nearly overwhelmed me as I headed down the hall to the classroom. It’s the ritual end of summer at the Mitchell house: Our son Joe and I help Jenny get her classroom ready for a new crop of fourth graders. By Saturday when […]

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Slow down for safety

School starts next Monday in both the New Albany and Union County schools and it’s time for all of us to slow down and start paying closer attention to our driving. Many drivers speed in residential areas, often driving 35 to 45 miles per hour in areas where the maximum safe speed is 25.  And […]

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Silent senator’ a shoo-in for term seven, if he wants it

By Charlie Mitchell OXFORD – Most Mississippians loathe the notion of “career politicians.” If, however, you ask any of these folks, “What do you think about Thad Cochran?” the answer will be “Thad? We love Thad. He’s not like the rest of them.” “Vote for Cochran / He’s Not Like The Others” may not be […]

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Small dinosaurs faring better than large ones due to sense of community

Newspapers have been going through rough times the past few years. Sure, some of it is due to competition from the internet, but it’s more complicated than that. Over-distribution, union costs, competition from other papers in the same market, the economy generally and a shift in advertising trends all contribute. But those usually involve large […]

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Taking focused approach to promoting area a positive step

We learned with considerable surprise this week that New Albany now has a marketing director. Apparently aldermen had been discussing the idea for many months, but not at any meetings I attended. Local governments still have a tendency to do most of their horse-trading and rat-killing outside public meetings and that is not likely to […]

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The Playhouse

Man always has a plan. He has a brain, a drive, and usually the means. He makes the plan – a future plan that’s in an orderly, doable schedule. But suddenly from out of nowhere comes . . .! Life is good – one of those sections in life when the kids are well, bills […]

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Swimming Anyone?

Last Thursday I had the privilege to meet some of our local swimmers with the Tallahatchie Tidal Waves Swim Team. My major purpose was to interview Coach Joanna Manning and those swimmers that recently competed in the state championships in Cleveland. I accomplished that order of business, but it was impressive how much our local […]

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Always a Chevy man

Opinions differ about cars. But to my father, only one mattered – his. He was a Chevy man and that was what he drove most of his life. Dad, who died in 2002, would not have considered owning a foreign car, a used car, or even a non-General Motors car for that matter. He derided […]

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The cart before the horse

The New Albany Board of Aldermen has gotten the cart before the horse in hiring a $50,000 director of marketing for the city. The board has hired Sean Johnson, who works with the Tupelo Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, for a new job that will oversee tourism and marketing. We don’t know Mr. Johnson personally and […]

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Education standards

Most Mississippi public school children this school year are to be taught using similar core standards as those in other states. The standards, called Common Core, seek to standardize much of the curriculum among the states. It’s an effort to make our public schools more rigorous so students – and our nation – can better […]

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