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Always a Chevy man

Opinions differ about cars. But to my father, only one mattered – his. He was a Chevy man and that was what he drove most of his life. Dad, who died in 2002, would not have considered owning a foreign car, a used car, or even a non-General Motors car for that matter. He derided […]

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The cart before the horse

The New Albany Board of Aldermen has gotten the cart before the horse in hiring a $50,000 director of marketing for the city. The board has hired Sean Johnson, who works with the Tupelo Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, for a new job that will oversee tourism and marketing. We don’t know Mr. Johnson personally and […]

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Education standards

Most Mississippi public school children this school year are to be taught using similar core standards as those in other states. The standards, called Common Core, seek to standardize much of the curriculum among the states. It’s an effort to make our public schools more rigorous so students – and our nation – can better […]

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It’s not over until it’s over

That’s what I’m talking about We normally talk about sports related to high school here, but the finish of The Open golf tournament and Phil Mickelson’s final round performance bear addressing. As the great baseball philosopher and player Yogi Berra said, “It’s not over until it’s over.” Mickelson proved Berra to be correct on that […]

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The Playhouse

My adaptation to “city life” is coming along quite well! In fact, it gives me more reasons to praise my Maker. I have not run into a single chigger. Amazing. Even though I’ve worked and dug among shrubs and leafy branches, the little red critters are nowhere to be found. Since I had to spray […]

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Key state programs get appropriations

Both of Mississippi’s U.S. senators, Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker, made an imprint on a major appropriation bill that passed out of the Appropriations Committee last week. Each of the provisions in the bill impacted Mississippi through federal programs affecting jobs and quality of life. Cochran, Republican ranking member of Appropriations, helped shape the bill […]

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Coming elections are non-partisan, party committee reminds

Just a reminder that special elections are non-partisan by nature unless a county committee requests that they be allowed to enter a partisan candidate. We have made no such request and to my knowledge neither have the Union County Democrats. So at this point there is no candidate can register to run under either party’s […]

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Ricky Nobile for the week of July 25


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Neat, tidy and lost

Everything is in its place. A small stack of paper sits neatly on one side of my desk; a legal pad is at the ready, right in the middle; and a pad of sticky notes is on the right, by the telephone. It’s very neat and organized. That’s the problem. It’s too neat and too […]

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Balancing the needs

Monday’s announcement that $1 million will be flowing from the education endowment fund created by Toyota to school districts in Union, Lee and Pontotoc counties is welcome news. Doug Formby, Toyota Mississippi vice president and a member of the educational endowment fund’s advisory committee, made the announcement at the Magnolia Civic Center. It is the […]

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