$1 million bond reduced for man charged with child molestation

By JB Clark/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – A Tupelo man charged with two counts of child molestation went free on bond from the Lee County Jail on Thursday night.
James E. Dutschke, 41, was charged Jan. 18 with two counts of child molestation, one count from the Tupelo Police Department and a second from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.
Dutschke’s bond was reduced by a Circuit Court to $25,000 from $1 million.
The reduction came after Dutschke filed a request for a hearing about his bond and detention in jail.
Dutschke argued his $1 million bond had the same effect as no bond at all.
His motion was filed Feb. 6 in the Lee County Circuit Court and granted Feb. 21.
The conditions of his bond include that he can not be around a minor unless it is family, he must stay north of Highway 82 and in the state, and he can not make contact with any alleged victims’ family.
His case will most likely go before the next grand jury in March where, if indicted, he could receive another bond.
Dutschke has operated a martial arts business and was a Republican candidate for the Legislature in 2007.

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