13-year cicadas expected in northern Mississippi

By The Associated Press

STARKVILLE — The Mississippi State University Extension Service says late spring will be noisier than usual in north Mississippi, because periodical cicadas will soon emerge after 13 years underground.

Entomologist Blake Layton says periodical cicadas are black and orange with red eyes, and hatch in the thousands.

They emerge before the big, green annual cicadas, which usually sound off from mid-June through fall.

Layton says their eggs will hatch about six weeks after the females lay them. The tiny nymphs will fall to the ground and dig into the soil, searching for hardwood roots to feed on, emerging as adults in 2024.

Layton said incomplete records make it hard to predict exactly where periodical cicadas will appear, but they are expected in the area bounded by Interstates 20 and 55.

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