$200,000 grant to aid West Point law officers

WEST POINT – New technology will arm West Point with high-technology law enforcement capabilities.
Officials on Tuesday announced that a U.S. Justice Department grant of nearly $200,000 grant will be used to buy integrated technology for patrol cars.
The technology developed by Mississippi-based Sky Pointe USA incorporates high-speed Internet access, computers, video and audio equipment, imaging devices, GPS, radar and more.
With the new technology, an officer will have the ability to make an arrest, take virtual fingerprints and a mug shot, and write a report all at the scene of the crime, then take the accused directly to the jail.
The technology also will help in tracking speeders. When a radar gun detects a speeding motorist, it alerts the officer while triggering the video-audio components to begin recording. The speed the driver is traveling is automatically recorded into the computer while GPS pinpoints the location of the infraction.
The officer then has only to enter the violator’s name and driver’s license number. In the future, that information will be entered by simply swiping the magnetic strip on the driver’s license.
If officers are responding to a call from a citizen who has witnessed a crime, they may enter the suspect’s description into their computers and every mugshot in the West Point database that matches will be brought up online for an instant visual lineup.
The witness will have the opportunity to identify the suspect while his or her memory is most fresh.


NEMS Daily Journal

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