2014 trial set for challenge of Miss. abortion law

Court NewsEMILY WAGSTER PETTUS,Associated Press

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A federal judge has set a jury trial next spring for a lawsuit filed by Mississippi’s only abortion clinic.

Jackson Women’s Health Organization sued the state in 2012 over a law requiring every OB-GYN at the clinic to have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Daniel P. Jordan III set March 3 as the beginning of jury selection.

After the clinic filed suit last summer, Jordan allowed the law to take effect but blocked the state from imposing penalties while the clinic seeks admitting privileges.

The clinic has remained open, but owner Diane Derzis said months ago that requests for privileges have been denied. Hospitals often won’t give them to out-of-state physicians. The OB-GYNs working at the clinic don’t live in Mississippi.

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  • 1941641

    Typical “War On Women” legislation lead by “Fundie Phil” Bryant and his “Fundie” Mississippi Congressional Legislators. When his term is over, throw him out the door and let his legislative mafiaoso follow right behind him!!

  • Americasgone

    Women commit more murder than any other group of people in this country. All because they can’t keep their legs together.

    • TWBDB


    • 1941641

      Just go around town America is gone and every woman you see hand her a dime and tell her to keep it between her knees constantly so she wont get pregnant like your mother did.

    • FrereJocques

      And the men can’t keep it in their pants. It takes two to tango. But then, you don’t hold men responsible for creating a baby apparently.

      Your morality apparently consists of keeping ’em barefoot and pregnant down on the farm.

    • LeftinMS

      I know several women who were placed in the unfortunate life
      situation where they had to make a decision to have an abortion or not. I can
      tell you two things: (1) it was not a form of “birth control”, (2) not one took
      the decision lightly. Some women made the difficult decision to have an
      abortion to end a risky pregnancy.

      And some of these women are God-fearing Christians whom you sanctimoniously
      call murderers.

  • barney fife

    Not every ejaculation deserves a name.