3Qs: Brandon Presley, Public Service Commissioner

Brandon PresleyNorthern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley of Nettleton announced plans last week for his agency to collect information statewide about who needs access to high-speed Internet, whether it’s individuals or businesses. He said the Federal Communications is operating on inaccurate data that shows more service in rural Mississippi than actually exists. Presley answered questions from the Daily Journal’s Patsy Brumfield.

Q: Why do you believe high-speed Internet is important to Mississippians?
A: It’s an economic issue from an individual being able to use it to improve their education or small businesses and entrepreneurs being able to sell products around the world. If Mississippians can’t access to high-speed Internet service, we get left behind – we’re out of the ball game.

Q: Why do you want people to contact the Public Service Commission if they need high-speed Internet service?
A: We want to be able to improve our data to show the Federal Communications Commission that Mississippians need high-speed Internet service.
If we can show a greater need, then we will have a shot at federal money to help improve and expand systems, which provide the service. We want to get every single penny that’s available for Mississippi.

Q: How can the public let the PSC know if individuals or businesses need access to high-speed Internet?
A: We have several ways to respond: Call our office at (800) 356-6428 or (800) 637-7722. Write to me, Brandon Presley, at Broadband Survey, P.O. Box 1174, Jackson, MS 39215-1171. Or go online at www.psc.state.ms.us and fill out our electronic survey form.

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