3Qs: Byron Fellows



With Thanksgiving behind us, it is time to look forward to Christmas. Byron Fellows, owner of Mid-South Nursery & Garden Center in Tupelo, has his South Coley Road store ready to meet any Christmas decorating need. He talked with the Daily Journal’s JB Clark.

Q: What is new or popular for decorating this year?

A: There isn’t really anything new and exciting. Christmas is a traditional time so we’re selling a lot of the traditional things: fresh-cut Christmas trees, poinsettias, ornaments, wreaths. Those do really well.

We have a series of different themes to choose from. We have a frosted theme, a red and green theme and some newer bright and harlequin colors. There are all sorts of different themes, maybe 20, and they’re all pretty classic. One popular item we have are the Christopher Radko designer line of glass ornaments. They are a collectable item.

Q: What are some safety tips folks need to keep in mind when they take Christmas decorations home and get to work?

A: On the fresh-cut trees, you want to make sure you put a fresh cut on it and get it in water as quickly as you can. Get a water holding stand and keep it away from a heat vent or the fireplace. You need to be careful with the lights. Make sure they’re UL approved and don’t run more together than is suggested. Another thing we recommend is to come back and secure your tree, don’t just depend on the stand. Tie it with some fishing line or fine twine or wire. Put a nail in the crown molding or door facing to keep it secure. We’ve had some people lose some really expensive ornaments when their tree falls over.

Q: Where are some good places you like to look at lights?

A: There was a guy in Sunningdale – I don’t know if he’s set up this year – but he did his lights coordinated to music so you could tune your car radio to the station and his lights went to different Christmas music. Last year there were some good displays over in the Highland Circle Area and North Madison Street. Part of the fun is going out and riding around and make your own fun and doing it. It’s fun to get your little mocha or hot chocolate at Starbucks and drive around and tune to the radio stations that play Christmas music and go find lights.

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