3Qs: Danny Spreitler, executive director, Monroe County Gilmore Foundation



Danny Spreitler, the executive director of Monroe County’s Gilmore Foundation, was appointed by Gov. Phil Bryant on Tuesday to serve on the state Board of Education. Spreitler fills the unexpired term of Hernando’s Simon Weir set to end June 30, 2021. He still must be confirmed by the state Senate. As Spreitler begins his service on the board, Daily Journal education reporter Chris Kieffer asked him to speak about the appointment.

Q: What have you learned as executive director of the Gilmore Foundation that will shape your perspective as a member of the state Board of Education?

A: Money is the smallest part of any solution to our pressing social issues. Solving real issues requires difficult decisions, strong long-term commitment and a well-defined strategy. Measurable outcomes are critical to a successful strategy.

Q: What do you see as the most important aspect of your role as a member of the state board?

A: The children of this great state will always be first in my decision matrix. Our education system must not fail them. The consequences are simply too great. Every item on every agenda I will look at from the standpoint of how it impacts our children.

Q: What changes would you like to see for the state’s schools?

A: I think change is our problem. We have changed so much in our schools that I feel we must give our schools time to implement all that has been thrust on them. We must evaluate every change and ensure it creates something positive for our children. If I had my wish, it would be to give our schools time without change.

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