3Qs: Donna Jarrell, Tupelo-Lee Humane Society executive director

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Tupelo-Lee Humane Society recently named Donna Jarrell as executive director of the nonprofit organization to help lead the organization. Jarrell has most recently served as executive director of Northeast Mississippi Habitat for Humanity and founded Warm Fuzzy’s pet rescue two years ago. She officially begins her new position with TLHS on Monday. Daily Journal reporter Robbie Ward recently spoke with Jarrell.

Q: What role do you see Tupelo-Lee Humane Society as having in the community?

A: Tupelo-Lee Humane Society is an integral part of our community, providing animal control, educational programs, a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, assistance with lost/found pets, and offering animals for adoption. We are very passionate about animal rescue and adoption, and believe that the key to decreasing the unwanted animal population is through education.

Q: What immediate priorities do you have for the Tupelo-based nonprofit?

A: We want to continue the improvements being made at our existing shelter on South Gloster Street. In addition to the issues with the building itself, we are working hard to improve the conditions for the animals. Our No. 1 priority is and will continue to be the animals entrusted to us. We want to provide healthy, happy adoptable animals for adoption. We invite the public to stop by the shelter – we are always looking for great volunteers and advocates for the shelter.

Q: A new shelter for the local humane society has been a goal for years. How and when it happen?

A: A new shelter is certainly in the future for Tupelo-Lee Humane Society, and we are getting closer to making this a reality. With the donation of the land on Cliff Gookin Boulevard, we are working on plans for a new building and hope to begin a capital campaign in the near future. Donations for our new facility are being accepted. These donations can be mailed to: TLHS, c/o Building Fund, P.O. Box 1185, Tupelo, MS 38802.