3Qs: Kim Fandel

By Chris Kieffer/NEMS Daily Journal

School is back in session in Northeast Mississippi, and children have returned to classrooms to learn their reading, writing, arithmetic and many other skills. Most experts agree that parental involvement is an important ingredient to success in school. Daily Journal education reporter Chris Kieffer spoke with Carver Elementary teacher Kim Fandel, the Tupelo School District’s 2011-12 Teacher of the Year, about what parents can do to help this school year.
Q. What can parents do to help children thrive at school?
A. Parents can read with their children daily, go over classwork and homework with them to help with misunderstandings and talk to them about their day at school.
They should ask questions. They also can be involved with school organizations and can make school a priority – get to school on time and help their children get organized.
Q. What are some common mistakes parents make that may actually hinder students?
A. One thing is not having more family time – like family dinners at home around the table – where they are talking with their children. Another issue is when parents don’t limit television, video games and computer time.
They need to choose extra-curricular activities wisely and not overwhelm with activities.
Q. What are some things schools can do to make it easier for parents to help children do better?
A. Schools can have more and better communication. We can schedule time with parents and educate parents to changes and new programs.

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