3Q's: Voter registration card

By NEMS Daily Journal

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Each Lee County voter receives a registration card after submitting required information to the circuit clerk’s office.
By examining your card, some common election questions can be answered.

Q: IN WHAT COUNTY PRECINCT do I vote and what is its number?
A: SEE CARD, NO. 1 – Beside the word “County,” you are informed in which precinct you should vote. On this card, it says this person will vote at Precinct 209, which is in Supervisor’s District No. 2, named Tupelo-2.
Q: WHERE IS THAT voter precinct located?
A: SEE CARD, NO. 2 – Beside the word “Precinct,” you are informed where your precinct is located and its address. On this card, it says to vote at Parkway Baptist Church at 1302 Lee St. in Tupelo.
Q: WHAT ABOUT OTHER non-city elections?
A: SEE CARD, NO. 3 – In the grid at the bottom of the voter registration card, it shows which district races to vote in. For Congress, this person votes in U.S. House District No. 1, for State Senate it’s District 6, for State House it’s District 17. Other districts to vote in are for Supervisor in District 2, for Justice Court Judge in District 3 and Constable in District 3. The city ward is blank at this point and the School District shows “SN,” which means Tupelo Separate School District. Your grid is tailored for your location.

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