3Qs with Kim Hanna

Kim Hanna is Tupelo’s interim city clerk and chief financial officer, and her office handles municipal elections. Because voters head to the polls Tuesday for the primary election, the Daily Journal’s Emily Le Coz asked Hanna for her advice and perspective on the first round of voting.

Q: What kind of election-day tips can you offer to voters?
A: Know where you should go to vote: The city precincts are different from the county precincts. City of Tupelo voters will be voting in a different location from where they voted in the presidential election. Also, some ward lines have changed, and it has affected many voters. If you are unsure about where to vote you can call the City Clerk’s office at (662) 841-6509.
Vote mid-morning and mid-afternoon if you can. Early morning and late afternoon are busy times at the polls. Also many voters will vote during their lunch hour.
Bring a photo I.D. if you are a first-time voter and you registered by mail.

Q: Judging by absentee ballots and voter registration, what kind of interest do people have in this year’s election?
A: Absentee ballots and voter registrations have not been overwhelming in number. However, we are expecting a large turnout for the city of Tupelo elections. Many of the absentee voters have shown more interest in the candidates themselves rather than their party affiliations.

Q: Your office is the hub of pre-election activity. Can you describe what it’s been like the past few months for your staff?
A: It is definitely not business as usual. The Finance Department is normally a quiet and low-key place to be – but not during elections. The closer we get to the elections, the more hectic things become. Even though we began preparing for this election last fall, there are many things that can not be done until the last few weeks.


Emily Le Coz/NEMS Daily Journal

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