3Qs with Rev. David Eldridge

The Rev. David Eldridge, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Tupelo, is part of a group of ministers who are reconvening the Greater Tupelo Ministerial Alliance. The first project for Eldridge and friends has been planning Monday’s community Thanksgiving service, a task that last year fell to the Multi–racial Committee. Eldridge, who assumed duties as Calvary’s pastor last year, recently talked to the Daily Journal about the Thanksgiving service as well as his hopes and expectations for the ministerial alliance.

Q: The theme for this year’s service is “Giving thanks in tough times.” What are some things for which Tupeloans can be thankful this year?
A: This season of economic crisis has forced many to explore the blessings of life that transcend the fragility of the job market and the ups and downs of the stock market. I believe that the larger Northeast Mississippi community finds strength and hope in their faith in an unchanging God, as well as in their love for family, and the blessings of health during these tough times.
Q: The service is meant to bring people together across racial, denominational – even religious – lines. How did the Ministerial Association plan for that?
A: The Greater Tupelo Ministerial Association believes that unity in the midst of diversity is both biblical and essential for the fabric of our community. This Thanksgiving service will include participants from various ethnic and theological perspectives, but what unites all is a common dependence and hope in our God.
Q: The Ministerial Association hasn’t been meeting regularly for some time. How do you see the association’s importance and to what extent is the spirit of fellowship it exemplifies reflected in the Thanksgiving service?
A: The Ministerial Association provides a venue for fellowship and support among ministers across ethnic and denominational lines in Tupelo. The Greater Tupelo Community Thanksgiving Service reflects the very heart of the group – unity in diversity.

Galen Holley/NEMS Daily Journal

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