3Qs with Shelia Nabors

By NEMS Daily Journal

Last week, the city of Tupelo honored its volunteers with a special “Tupelo Gives Back” concert. Among the city’s volunteers is Shelia Nabors, who serves as a leader on the Mayor’s Task Force for Education. In that role, she and other team members promote Tupelo as a place of lifelong learning. Nabors, who also is a parent educator at the Family Resource Center, talks to the Daily Journal about volunteering.
Q: Why are you a volunteer?
A: I volunteer because of my love for the city and because it was an opportunity to serve and make a difference. People sit around and talk about it, but I want to be one of the people who gets out there and does something about it.

Q: What do you do on the Mayor’s Task Force for Education?
A: We’re providing opportunities from birth to adulthood and we’re encouraging people to read and succeed. Reading is fundamental, it’s necessary for every part of life. We plan activities to promote early literacy. We give up our time to meet and give our ideas to make Tupelo not only a place to live but a place to learn. promote literacy and reading and arts and music and all that stuff.

Q: Why would you encourage people to volunteer?
A: I think it’s important. When you’re doing something to help somebody else you realize you’re helping yourself. We can make a difference. It’s an opportunity to change somebody’s life. One of these days somebody is going to say, “That lady, or that man, who volunteered helped change the course of my life.” If someone asked me, “How can I make a difference?” I’d say, “You can volunteer.”

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