40 Days of Honor: US Army Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Dayton of Caledonia, MS

By Kevin Wood/NEMS Daily Journal

Everyone called him “Sunshine”. It’s not exactly the kind of nickname you would expect from a soldier in the Army. But that is what Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Dayton was known as to the people in his unit –“Sunshine”. He earned his nickname because of the smile he carried on his face, as if it were just another part of his uniform. Jeffrey had a very kind, overly friendly disposition that never seemed to get rattled. And when you served in conditions like Jeffrey and his fellow soldiers did, you needed some of that positive spirit from time to time. Sunshine was there to deliver.

Jeffrey Dayton had another nickname. It was one he used to refer to himself. That nickname was “Six”. As the sixth child of Jim & Sheila Dayton, Jeffrey “Six” Dayton had a special place in his family, again because of his upbeat personality. They all loved him and recognized his incredibly positive outlook.

Jeffrey entered the Army in February 1998, but it was a duty he seemed destined for even as a child. According to his family, he was always drawn to “all things Army”. But on April 29, 2004, “Six” was killed with seven other men in his unit when a suicide bomber attacked their patrol….
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