$500 haircuts sell out in Tupelo

By Carlie Kollath/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Six customers upped the ante Friday and had celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo cut their hair.
They paid $500 each, with the exception of Sarah Brewer, who won a free cut.
Arrojo was in Tupelo on Thursday and Friday for the grand opening of Intricid Salon. The salon, which carries Arrojo products, is behind Malco on North Gloster Street.
Arrojo is best known as the former stylist on TLC’s “What Not To Wear” television show.
He didn’t disappoint Friday, wearing red boots, posing for pictures, cutting jokes and artfully shaping hair with a straight razor. He worked quickly, whipping out his comb from his back jeans pocket and finagling strands with his hairbrush that was tucked into his belt.
“A lot of people tend to leave me to do what I want to do, which is a blessing,” Arrojo said. “On the show, the idea is that they didn’t know what they wanted or they were doing it wrong. Real life, the goal is to make people feel better about themselves.”
The New York-based stylist has been cutting hair for 30 years. The biggest mistake he sees with women’s hair is they keep it long.
“Not to say that long hair isn’t great,” he said. “The most important thing is to be open to creativity and change.”
Brewer was Arrojo’s first client of the day. During her pre-cut consultation, Arrojo asked her what she’s scared of hair-wise.
“Super short,” she said, touching her shoulder-length hair.
Her hair previously was to the middle of her back, but she had it cut about two months ago.
Other than that, she let Arrojo work his magic. That was the theme for the day. His other clients would tell him within a few seconds of sitting down, “Do whatever you want.”
Lisa Higgins was one of those people. She’s the mother of Amber Higgins, who owns the salon. She’s been growing her hair out so that Arrojo would have more to work with. Arrojo shaped, fluffed and tousled.
“Short and soft is the name of the game,” Arrojo said.
Higgins was beaming after her cut and immediately went to her daughter – her regular stylist – to make sure she had her approval.
Of course she did, Amber Higgins said, because Arrojo is her mentor.
Anita Turner was in the salon Friday to celebrate. She’s graduating from medical school and her family gave her the haircut with Arrojo as a present.
“It’s real special that they can give me something they know I want,” she said.

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