A report from summer It's looking good for 12-year-old Tupelo resident

By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Joshua Stewart is two months into his summer, and things are going well.
He’s had no sunburns, no chiggers, no poison ivy and no major mosquito attacks. That’s pretty good, since the 12-year-old has spent two weeks at camp and one at the beach.
“At camp, a few of my friends were bitten pretty bad, and I think one of them might have had poison ivy,” said Joshua, the son of Dr. Bob and Wynde Stewart of Tupelo.
It’s prime time for kids like Joshua, who’s out of school with only a few household chores to handle. He agreed to share how his summer’s gone so far.
“The latest I slept this summer is 12:30 p.m.,” he reported with a smile. “I stayed up all night when I was at a friend’s house. We were up until 6 in the morning, then we all passed out.”
Those sleep habits weren’t in force during Joshua’s trip to Boy Scout camp at Camp Yocona, where he practiced putting up and taking down a sailboat mast. For another merit badge, he learned to draw a circuit, and soldered pieces to make a motherboard.
“The motherboard didn’t work out too well for us,” he said.
Joshua also spent time at Camp of the Rising Son at French Camp.
“We went sailing there, too,” he said, “and we rode horses on different trails.”
Joshua, his parents and his four sisters recently returned from a beach trip to Fort Morgan, Ala.
“We had a lot of family, not just us. We had three, no four families to get together,” he said. “Technically, it was five families because my uncle got married and his wife has kids, so five families.”
Joshua reported that even though they didn’t have a boat, everyone had fun at the beach.
“It was a very long drive, though,” he said with a slight roll of his eyes.
At home, he’s gone swimming and done some bike riding, and he helped out with vacation Bible school at Lawndale Presbyterian Church.
He’s also devoted time to “Team Fortress 2,” a PC-based video game.
“You play with a lot of people online. It used to be $10 to play, but now it’s free,” he said. “It’s a first-person shooter that’s really cartoony. It’s kind of weird, but I think it’s fun.”
He’s responsible for vacuuming the kitchen and the family game room. He also has to weed the garden five days a week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays take about an hour each, and they’re the longest days.
A whisper of fall is near because football conditioning drills have begun for the Tupelo Christian Preparatory School Eagles.
In addition, he’s been reading “The Red Pony” by John Steinbeck for school. It’s a reminder that summer won’t last forever.
“I’m ready some of the way. Kind of half and half,” he said. “I know I’ll have more homework this year because it’s seventh grade. I guess I’m ready. It’ll be good to see my friends.”

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