A toy story that keeps growing Fulton man collects trinkets for more than 25 years

By Adam Amour/Itawamba County Times

Itawamba County Times
FULTON – “You name it, I got it.”
It was an understatement. Shane Senter’s toy collection is astounding in both its size and scope, encompassing all manner of playthings from at least three generations.
Senter’s not some meticulous collector scouring Ebay for rare mint-condition collectibles; he’s just a regular guy who enjoys hitting the weekend yard sales with his father and seeing what treasures there are to find. He’s not a picky collector by any stretch of the imagination; he just loves collecting toys. Others may have outgrown these things, but for Shane, each and every one is timeless.
Make no mistake, no matter the age of his visitor, those who drop by to see Shane Senter’s collection, amassed over the course of two decades, are bound to find some treasures.
“I’ve got any type of toy you, a kid or adult would want to play with,” he said. “I like to show it off to people and see if they remember any of these things.”
The 42-year-old Fulton resident’s collection encompasses decades’ worth of action figures, toy trains, model tractors, tiny automobiles and Saturday morning cartoon lunch boxes. There are Spider-Men, Batmobiles, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Small Soldiers, G.I. Joes, Hot Wheels, Barbies, Wicked Witches, Mickey Mouse, Beverly Hillbillies and at least one doll of the big cheese himself, George Burns.
“I’ve got a bit of everything,” Shane said.
From just beyond the door of the shed, his father and yard sale partner, Max, laughed.
“He’s got a lot of everything,” he said.
Max said while his son’s collection is mostly confined to the shed, a small amount stretches into the house. But it does threaten to overtake his workshop next door.
“He wants to take over my space,” Max said, somehow sounding both amused and unamused at the same time. His son scoffed.
“This is more fun than woodworking, anyway,” Shane said. “A lot of this stuff you can’t even find anymore.”

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