Aberdeen board approves city's first historical district

By Jeff Clark/Monroe Journal

The City of Aberdeen will soon be able to unveil its first historical district. At a public hearing held December 15, the Aberdeen Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to allow the district to come to fruition.

The district, officially known as “Silk Stocking Row,” is compiled of 80 dwellings which runs on South Franklin Street from Commerce Street to High Street and is bordered on the other side by Long Street. It will also run across West Jefferson Street and West Monroe Street. It encompasses a three-block section.

“We think this is an area of varied architectural styles,” Aberdeen Preservation Commission member Kathy Seymour said. amp”At the time, the wealthier people of Aberdeen liked to live along South Franklin Street. This is why it was known as ‘Silk Stocking Row’ – the wealthier people could afford silk stockings.”

City of Aberdeen Attorney Robert Faulks said that no one had petitioned the hearing and that after advertising it in the newspaper, everything would be able to move forward.

“What this means is that any repairs people do to their homes in this district will have to go through the Preservation Commission,” Faulks said. “This will probably make the market value of these homes increase.amp”

Vice Mayor Cloyd Garth made the motion to allow for the formation of the district.

“The majority of this district is in my ward and as long as everyone understands the guidelines and regulations, I see no reason why we shouldn’t support this,” Garth said.

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