Aberdeen building inspector suspended

In a special called meeting Monday night, the Aberdeen Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to suspend city building inspector, David Low, for three days without pay beginning Tuesday. The motion was made by Ward 3 alderman, David Ewing, and seconded by Ward 2 alderman, Cloyd Garth. Ward 1 alderman, Alonzo Sykes, was not present for the meeting.

Low’s suspension stems from a memo stating his refusal to provide requested information to the mayor’s office regarding community appearance projects and information on other projects in which he is involved.

In a letter from the mayor’s office Low received Friday, the building inspector was to be suspended August 24 and 27, rather than Sept. 24 and 27.

In Monday’s meeting, Low was met with several citizens on hand to show their support. The board met on the issue in executive session for more than an hour before coming to its decision.

Low’s suspension begins today.

Monore Journal