Aberdeen residents concerned with drainage ditch

ABERDEEN – A concrete drainage ditch that runs from General Young Park across Evergreen Street on Aberdeen’s Southside has some residents concerned, especially as mosquito season approaches.
“”This ditch is a health hazard for the people in this area,” Daryl Price, of Elk Circle, said. “The ditch is owned by the city – it is city property. But it is full of trash and standing water. If it is not cleaned up soon, it’s going to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes who could be carrying the West Nile Virus. The city should take the responsibility to clean this up.”
City of Aberdeen officials as well as some residents of Aberdeen’s Southside have been criticized recently for the appearance of the neighborhoods, which includes burned-out trailers, abandoned homes and dilapidated structures.
However, some residents of the community have had enough.
“It’s time for people to get their properties cleaned up and it also time for the city to clean up the overgrown bushes and lots,” Bular Daniel said. “If we are going to have a Keep Aberdeen Beautiful campaign, we need to start with our own neighborhoods.
Ward 1 Alderman Alonzo Sykes, who lives within 200 yards of the ditch, also voiced his frustrations with its appearance.
“I have been asking the city to do something about this for a year now and it’s still in the same shape,” he said. “I don’t know what else to do. But we are understaffed in so many departments right now. We desperately need some more workers but we can’t afford to hire anyone. It’s a tough situation.”


Jeff Clark/Monroe Journal

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