Aberdeen School Board hears complaints from concerned citizens

By Ray Van Dusen/Monroe Journal

ABERDEEN – During a lengthy executive session, parents’ and concerned citizens’ tempers flared during the wait before they could voice their concerns on a number of issues about the Aberdeen School District.
“I challenge this board to make good sound decisions. We’ve got industry coming in next door that won’t step foot in Aberdeen because of the bad reputation we have. Our kids are leaving and going to the next town because there’s nothing here and it’s up to the board to hire the right people to make this a better school system,” said Sammy Burroughs, president of the Parent Teacher Association.
Several people voiced concern about graduation and the problems associated with the 1,600 person limit set on the gymnasium along with everyone rushing through the doors when they opened an hour and a half before the ceremony and elderly being denied entrance and having to stay outside in the heat.
“I’ve been here for graduation the past six years and when you change things, that’s when all the problems start,” said Rev. Robert Holliday.
When fire code issues were brought to the board’s attentions earlier in the semester, the board weighed options such as having the graduation ceremony on the football field and giving the students tickets to give to family and friends.
“I’m sick of seeing our school on the news and the people of Aberdeen are getting tired and restless. If you can’t get this school straight, the kids aren’t going to be ready for college and they’ll be on the streets robbing and stealing. The teachers need to take the time trying to find out what the students like instead of just writing them off,” said Imogene Dancy.

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