Aberdeen School District placed on probation

By Ray Van Dusen/Monroe Journal

ABERDEEN — The Mississippi Department of Education’s Office of Accreditation made a unanimous ruling on June 7 to place the Aberdeen School District under probation.
The district was placed under conservativeship in May due to violations of 31 of the 37 state-mandated standards, prompting a state takeover.
“Everyone needs to understand this decision is positive and that they should be very appreciative for the ruling the committee made because they could have easily voted to withdraw the district’s accreditation,” said conservator Bob Strebeck.
In order for a school district to be accredited, it must meet all 37 standards. Each district is categorized as accredited, on probation or withdrawn. By being on probation, no penalties will be incurred by the Aberdeen School District and extracurricular activities will not suffer.
“Every sport can play its full schedule and participate in playoffs with this ruling. Had the district lost its accreditation, it would have been a different story. In addition to changes with sports it would have hindered seniors as well. Most would still be recognized as graduates but a withdrawn standing would have limited acceptance and scholarships to some universities,” Strebeck said.
When Strebeck thinks the district is up to par with the 37 standards, he will contact the Office in Accreditation for a reevaluation of the district.
“Probation is certainly a red flag for a school district thus the conservativeship. Obviously, there will be changes and higher expectations of this district’s performance,” Strebeck said.

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