Aberdeen to be setting for HGTV reality show

By Jeff Clark/Monroe Journal

A new HGTV show about a celebrity makeup artist, who is also involved in house makeovers in Aberdeen, will shoot in May, June, July – one week in each month.

They are looking for people from nearby areas, such as Columbus, Tupelo and Aberdeen, who would like to experience reality TV production and get their foot in the door.

First setup shot dates in May are 5/10-5/21.

It’s an opportunity for somebody that wants to experience how reality television production works. For more information, contact Ewa Mularczyk at emularczyk@worldofwonder.net.

The makeup artist is Billy Brasfield, who has been recently working with Lady Gaga. He has also worked with Mariah Carey, Belinda Carslisle, etc.

HGVT To Shoot Reality Show In Aberdeen from poprockcandymountain on Vimeo.

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