Aberdeen to embark on community garden program

By Jeff Clark/Monroe Journal

ABERDEEN – In an effort to clean up the appearance of the city, the Aberdeen Board of Aldermen voted Tuesday, March 15, to take a step to utilize “green spaces” within the city’s limits.

“We have a lot of vacant lots in the city,” said Aberdeen Mayor Jim Ballard. “I propose we make these pieces of property available to an individual or neighborhood for use for gardening. We could lease these lots for a small amount — like $1 or so.”

According to city attorney Robert Faulks, the lease agreement will help in keeping the property maintained.

“Whoever takes on a lease would have to agree to take on and keep up the maintenance on the properties,” said Faulks. “It would also relieve the city from the upkeep on these lots.”

Ward 2 Alderman Cloyd Garth said he was in favor of the gardens project, but he did have some questions he wanted answered before he cast his vote.

“Are we going to have people that complain about this,” he asked. “Are people going to complain about having a garden in their neighborhoods? I’m not against this at all, I’m just asking some questions.”

The board voted unanimously to make these properties available on a case-by-case basis.

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