No action on suspended Verona police

djournal-In-the-NewsBy JB Clark

Daily Journal

VERONA – Verona’s board of aldermen discussed two suspended police officers Tuesday in a 30-minute closed-door session but took no action regarding their employment.

The officers, JB Long and Aaron Andrew, were suspended Sept. 3 following a shooting at the Verona City Park on Mattox Road that resulted in the death of Henry Montgomery, 31, of Aberdeen.

A Lee County grand jury decided not to indict either of the officers in the shooting death of Montgomery and completely cleared Long of any wrongdoing.

Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson said he has turned over all of his evidence in the investigation of Andrew to the FBI for any consideration of federal charges, but there will be no state charges.

Andrew and Long responded to a disturbance call on Mattox Road near Verona City Park around 1 p.m. Sept. 3. When the officers made the traffic stop, the two men in the car engaged in an altercation with a police officer, resulting in the police officer firing one shot at the suspect, fatally wounding him.

The second man involved, Christopher Montgomery, 33, was later charged with being in possession of 23 grams of crack cocaine at the time of the traffic stop.

The Lee County grand jury’s official report said, after reviewing the facts and circumstances of the case, it voted for a no true bill, meaning it will not indict the officers.

The officers are still on administrative leave, part of which was paid and part not.

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