Adult detention officers update skills

By Lisa Voyles
Chickasaw Journal
HOUSTON – The City of Houston hosted guests and local residents for a week-long training session Feb. 9-13 with protection and service to the community as the overall goal.
The Chickasaw CSO sponsored the training event, which was facilitated by the Total Control Training Institute, teaching employees of Adult Detention Centers skills in self-defense and disarming along with many others.
“This is a new mandated curriculum put out by the state,” said Garry Welch of Total Control. “It is for all correctional staff and goes into effect September 2009, so we’re actually a little ahead of schedule in learning the new procedures.”
Correctional staff will be required to have the training within two years of employment, but employees of Pontotoc, Monroe, Chickasaw and Scott County Sheriff’s Departments are ahead of the game.
The 96-hour training seminar covered points of use like jail security, use of force/self defense, legal issues, inmate supervision, special needs inmates, health care issues, report writing, fires and other emergencies, stress management and admission and release of persons in custody.
In use of force/self defense, participants learned defensive tactics, control measures, edged weapon defense and firearm disarming.
Chickasaw County Jail administrator, Brand Huffman, said that the sessions were beneficial to the officers for their own safety and the safety of the inmate they supervise.
“These are things they need to know in a jail setting,” Huffman said. “What if they (inmates) make some kind of weapon? The defensive measures are the same for an inkpen as a real knife or a shank.”

Barbara Harrington

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