Alcohol agents search VFW post for liquor

The Associated Press

KOSCIUSKO — The Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control says an official from a Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Kosciusko has been charged as part of an investigation into illegal alcohol sales.

Rusty Hanna, deputy chief of enforcement for ABC, said Tuesday that VFW Post 1983 was selling raffle tickets for bottles of liquor, which is illegal because Attala County is dry.

ABC agents searched the post Saturday.

Hanna says the post’s quartermaster, 64-year-old Robert Blackstock of Carthage, was cited for misdemeanor possession of liquor in a dry county. A message left at Blackstock’s home Tuesday wasn’t immediately returned.

Hanna says undercover agents bought raffle tickets for liquor there. He says the agents weren’t veterans, but were allowed in the post because it was open to the public, not members only.

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  • Bertholomew Stare

    Can we please stop prohibition already? I don’t understand letting the bible beaters legislate whether alcohol (which is completely legal) can be sold in certain counties. I feel so much safer now that we have confiscated a bottle of liquor from a veteran of the armed forces. Good god, what century is it?

  • charlie

    Well, you know what they say, “We have to take back this country.”

  • Tonylowbrow

    I thought all VFW’s sold beers…

  • barney fife

    Heavens to Murgatroid!
    Prohibition is alive and well. Revenuers too lazy to chase a still in the woods so they bust a VFW?
    Geezzzzzzz ….. I’m so glad I served 20+ years for a thanks like this one.

  • Kevin

    So here’s how Mississippi’s laws just don’t make any sense. According to the 1966 Bryant Bill, which became law in 1966, the state allowed local municipalities and counties to vote in or out via referenda either liquor, beer, or both. While a number of counties immediately went wet in 1966, a number of them remained dry and are still that way today. Yet in these dry counties, certain clubs get exemptions from their local regulations and/or prohibitions. The VFW and country clubs in these dry counties are exempted, supposedly. Does that make any sense? Why are clubs allowed to sell alcohol, but local businesses cannot?